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Principal's Desk

Knowledge is an indispensable part of everyone's life. A school plays the most definitive role in the life of a person to impart knowledge that shape his/her destiny. Children are like clay that can be moulded into any form. It is the prime responsibility of the parents, teachers and the school to ensure that our children must grow to be a man of values. It is our hand to instill those values which will help them to become a good human being.
Our school was started in the year 1993 with the vision to impart good and healthy education to the children. Our school is taking every possible opportunities of each and every students focusing not only on academic part but also developing them physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and socially through wide range of activities. Education is an all around development of the personality.We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased,the intellectual is expanded and by which one can stand on his own feet.To fulfill this, the collective and combined responsibility of teacher and parents are required. I am thankful to the parents who have been in touch with us during the year and gave their valuable suggestions that helped us to improve. I am sure that our collective efforts shall take our school to great height in serving the society in a meaningful manner. Finally I thank almighty God for sustaining and guiding me to lead our institution.

Mrs. Kalpana Paigwar.

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