My Blessings.

Chairmanís Message

I am glad to known that St. Thomas Senior Secondary School, Bhilai, has launched their school web site and I express my warm congratulation to the Principal Mrs. Minati S Charles, Teacher and students on this joyous occasion and wish the website all success and may this school be known through this website may its students continue their journey on the road to excellence. An institution's own website is an excellent medium to help the students express and improve their creative skills. It is a subtle celebration of children's inner thoughts and feelings. I hope this website will be enriched with valuable literary taste in the fields of arts, science and culture. We acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of all those people who, in various capacities - as Principal, Managers, Teachers, Parents, ex-Students who have thrown in their lot to help in the making of this website. Our fundamental belief is that children will succeed when learning in a happy, challenging environment where there is mutual respect for all in the community. We must always focus on improving the quality of the education our young people experience and place great importance in working together. For Children to enjoy learning it is necessary that teachers should enjoy their work which is teaching and all the activities that go along with it. The teacher is leader and a guide opening the doors of perceptions for the children. The inspiration roll of the teacher is crucial to the transitions between the student and the teacher and cannot be ignored. It is the reason why children remember their teachers long after they have left school. May this website be a source of inspiration to all students to give their best to the school and may they excel to greater heights.
Once again I wish success to this website and may it help the people in knowing the school in a better way.
May God Bless you all abundantly.
The Rt. Rev.Purna Sagar Nag Bishop, Diocese of Chhattisgarh, CNI & Chairman School Managing Committee.

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